Thermal insulation

Afrikisol is your essential supplier of insulation and piping, which on the one hand encourages sustainable development and on the other hand allows you to save money.

Specialist in insulation in Tunisia, The quality of our services is the foundation of our long-term relationships with customers, so we constantly strive to strengthen and consolidate it.

Thermal insulation and Insulation

INSULATION INFORMATION for all types of ducts, whatever the diameter, for negative temperatures

We participate in the reduction of

energy consumption and thus preserve the environment

To eliminate any energy loss, we cover the entire spectrum of industrial insulation.

Insulation is everywhere around us. In every place where it is present, it occupies a vital place. Simply put, insulation keeps a hot item hot or a cold item cold. But things get complicated when you consider the existing challenges in industrial installations: this is the specialty of AFRIKISOL INDUSTRIE.

An independent study conducted by the EIIF (European Industrial Insulation Foundation) has shown that the return on investment for industrial insulation work is less than 1-2 years. Insulating all surfaces would reduce current heat loss in industry by approximately 66%.

Industrial thermal insulation, our core business.

AFRIKISOL INDUSTRIE has acquired the necessary means, according to technological and regulatory developments, to ensure the skills of its fitters, the level of equipment of its prefabrication workshops and the level of expertise of its studies.

AFRIKISOL INDUSTRIE, expertise in heat and cold insulation.

AFRIKISOL INDUSTRIE is a privileged and specialized partner when it comes to large technologically complex projects, such as specific interventions on very high and very low temperature equipment.

Our areas of intervention are:


Temperature -196°C à +1000°C
Expertise          Installation of insulating materials on pipes and apparatus

Manufacture of insulating mattresses

Specific interventions on very high and very low temperature equipment

Manufacture and installation of custom sheet metal elements

Prefabrication and export supervision

Insulation systems Mattress





Polyurethane (injected and classic)

AFRIKISOL INDUSTRIE has modern manufacturing workshops to meet the greatest industrial challenges.

Thermal insulation in industry

Industrial insulation and refrigeration services

A perfect knowledge of the environment and its evolution allows AFRIKISOL INDUSTRIE to offer services that meet all the construction and maintenance needs of its customers, in the main industrial markets:

  • Energy production (power plants, incineration plants, district heating, etc.)
  • Chemical and petrochemical facilities
  • Manufactures (automotive construction, tires, sugar factories, cement works, paper mills, etc.)
  • Storage tanks
  • Extraction and transportation of petroleum and natural gas
  • Agrifood
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories