Thermal insulation materials

Ceramic wool

Density 96 and 128 kg/m3

Polyurethane shell

Various thicknesses and various diameters

Armaflex mattress

Various thicknesses

Rock wool mattress

Density 70kg/m3 and 100 kg/m3

rock wool shell

Various diameters and various thicknesses density 100 / 120 kg/m3

Armaflex shell

Various diameters and various Thicknesses



Corrugated sheet / Galvanized pre-lacquered sheet / Ribbed sheet various thicknesses and various lengths

Stainless steel sheets

Matt stainless steel sheet 304 / 304 L and 316 L
Shiny stainless steel sheet F17 Various thicknesses 0.6 | 0.8 | 1mm

Aluminum sheets

Aluminum sheet in coil thickness 0.6 / 0.8 and 1 mm. Alloy 1050 / 3150 and 3003
H14 and H24

Fitting material


Pipes / 304 L/304/316 stainless steel tube / various accessories: Flanges – valves – elbows, Tee, Reduction

Black or stainless steel tubes

Black or stainless steel rectangular tube various dimensions
Black and stainless steel round iron various diameters / flat iron various width various thicknesses

Pipes / Black tube

Various accessories: Flanges – valves – elbows, Tee, Reduction

Fasteners / bolts

Klingerit seals/ spiral seal


Stainless steel strip various widths, thickness 0.5 mm

Aluminum strip various widths, thickness 0.5 mm


Galvanized or stainless steel bolts


Medium and large stainless steel closure Medium and
large aluminum closure Medium and
large galvanized closure


A2 stainless steel parker screw, 4.2/13 — 4.2 /16 — 4.2/19
Galvanized parker screw 4.2/13 — 4.2/16 — 4.2/19

Vis auto-taraudeuse

Vis auto-taraudeuse ф6,3/25 avec rondelle (Acier zingué)

Plastic Washers / Neoprene Washer/h3>

Foster Silicone

Foster Silicone 95-44

Fixing clips

Wool/prestole fastening clips


Pop rivet 4/16 Pop rivet
4/18 (FLAT HEAD)
Pop rivet 4/14 (FLAT HEAD)


Black steel and stainless steel extra short wick